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Western Australia Western Australia

Ricoh Australia is headquartered in Sydney with six branches in capital cities and is supported by a broad network of Ricoh Business Partners in both metropolitan and regional areas. Our extensive network coverage means we can support the diverse range of needs of our all our customers nationwide, and with the highest level of service.

Ricoh Australia is dedicated to the sales and service of Ricoh manufactured products. Through all our business activities, we are committed to delivering outstanding products, services and overall customer satisfaction. Our products are supported by over 500 manufacturer accredited service technicians who undergo continuous training.

Our strong national presence is part of our commitment to offering you innovative digital technology. That means being close to the market, "keeping an ear to the ground", and listening to our customers. All of this means that when it comes to making your business more productive, Ricoh is leading the way.

At Ricoh, we understand that being first to market also means being first in quality, reliability and performance and while we're proud of our firsts, we're even prouder of our reputation for quality and reliability which we offer with every new product release.

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