Sustainable Schools Art Comp

Our Sustainable Schools Art Competition gives Ricoh an opportunity to drive environmental programs of participating primary schools. Students create murals and individual artworks based on the theme of "Our Earth, Our Tomorrow", Ricoh’s environmental motto.

The competition gives the students an opportunity to see their concepts and ideas used in a large and creative format and feel empowered about expressing their important message.

In 2006, we expanded the competition to include a section for local schools catering for children with special needs. Through this involvement Ricoh has developed an ongoing relationship with Arranounbai School, located close to our head office in Frenchs Forest. 

The competition is designed to help fund environmental programs of the participating schools, with prize money and giveaways for winning schools and students. 

Each year an exhibition of the artwork is held offering craft workshops for the finalists, giving parents and teachers the opportunity to view the exhibition at their leisure. Staff involvement is a key component to the success of this day. The murals are then displayed in Ricoh’s head office for the following year.

Our art competition is just one example of Ricoh’s involvement in creating environmental awareness amongst the youth of today.

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