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Think outside the commercial print tradition

Your offset presses are great for long-run jobs when every page is the same. But now many jobs require personalisation, customization, versioning or last-minute changes — requirements that you can meet only when you can capture and manage information so it goes to all the right people and places at the right times. Offset can't do this, but a RICOH Pro VC60000 continuous feed inkjet system can. Put one next to your offset presses, and it can churn out the variable data printing (VDP) jobs that aren't practical or profitable to run on offset.

See new possibilities for graphic communications

You may print books, direct mail or marketing collateral now, but they're static. Consider the possibilities of VDP. Whether you're working with publishers or professors or education institutes, you can version books any way they want. Add a chapter on environmental issues, for example. Thrill your corporate customers by showing them how they can improve response rates with personalised direct mail. "Dear Mary" or "Dear George" gets attention. You can even vary photos and copy based on demographics or customer analytics. Same with marketing collateral. If a prospect is interested in your product or service, you cancustomise the brochure to highlight relevant information. All in professional-looking near- offset quality.

Grow with expert guidance and support

If you want to build a reputation locally or nationally, then pay attention to this: Prior to the RICOH Pro VC60000, we introduced the InfoPrint 5000 production colour inkjet system. Our customers have experienced substantial growth in print volumes from the InfoPrint 5000 once installed. You want to grow. Our production print specialists want you to grow. Pre-sale and post-sale, we're there to help you achieve your goals.

Want major efficiency gains? Add software

The RICOH Pro VC60000 by itself can help you increase revenue with variable data printing. But complementary software ups your game. You can automate manual processes that slow down operations, increase errors, and raise cost. With one or more of these solutions, you can capture and manage information so it's always accessible to the people who need it, when they need it:


  • RICOH ProcessDirector

    Manage output processes, print queues, printers, reprints and more with centralised control.

  • RICOH TotalFlow BatchBuilder

    Organize incoming jobs into batches based on customer-defined criteria, so like jobs can be produced together. Simplifies job ticketing, scheduling, routing and finishing.

  • TotalFlow Production Manager

    Build or modify workflows with drag-and-drop ease, then centrally manage workflows and printers to streamline throughput.

Produce consistent colour every time

Nothing pleases a savvy customer less than colour variation within a job. Or this month's direct mail looking greenish compared to last month's run. Impress your customers and prevent costly rework with colour profiling tools and colour conformance verification software.

Leave no customer behind

Investing in a new press is a big decision and a big budget item. We get it. Our R&D doesn't stop after you purchase the printer. We continue to improve and enhance our printers with features you need. The bottom line is that your investments with Ricoh endure for the long term.

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