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PrintShop Mail Suite is a standalone variable data printing (VDP) tool. It optimises the VDP production process by minimising set-up time and maximising printing speed. With PrintShop Mail Suite, merge any design with any database and print on any printer or multifunction device (MFD).

Using PrintShop Mail Suite you can personalise promotional communications by changing text, graphics, barcodes, or entire layouts based on information found in your existing database. Easy to use, it is a fast and flexible VDP solution for the production of simple and complex VDP jobs, ranging from small and medium to high volume output quantities.

Key features


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Wizard for creating expressions and business rules
  • Instant preview and warning display for verification and error prevention before printing
  • Free barcode library
  • Supports Unicode and Double-Byte characters


  • Page picking per record in multi-page designs
  • Preflight check on variable data
  • Serialisation and crash numbering
  • Layout repetition and multi-up printing, such as label printing
  • Print through-the-stack for easy sorting of multi-ups after cutting operation
  • Paper tray selection and subset finishing

Optional add-on

Combine VDP with image personalisation for eye-catching one-to-one communication.
Nowdays, every promotional piece can be fully customised to target customers based on specific information. By combining VDP with image personalisation you will catch your customer’s attention at first sight and differentiate yourself.
DirectSmile is a design tool that enables image personalisation with the integration of variable text in high-quality photos and background images to immediately capture the reader’s attention.

For more information on PrintShop Mail Suite and DirectSmile, download the brochure here or contact one of our software solutions specialists on 1800 646 679.

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