Reduce your carbon footprint and print fleet costs

Reducing your carbon footprint and printer fleet costs 

The Customer: AAPT

One of only three Australian telecommunications providers to own and operate its own national voice and data network, AAPT is a key player in Australia’s 37 billion telecommunications market.  With more than 1100 personnel nationally, they provide a comprehensive range of landline, mobile, data and internet solutions for business, government and wholesale customers.

The Challenge

AAPT were dealing with a multitude of problems resulting from a multi-vendor fleet of over 1200 printers, multifunction devices (MFDs) and scanners. Figuring prominently were: complex asset control, inconsistent levels of service and support, cost overruns in leasing and consumables purchasing, and an unacceptable environmental impact.

AAPT Project Manager, Property and Facilities Jodie Black explains: “The main challenge we were facing was to identify a single vendor delivering on the hardware, software and support requirements that would constitute a complete document management solution – one that would also reduce costs and carbon footprint.”

The Solution

The Benefits


Rationalisation of existing fleet to high performance MFDs

Equitrac Officewith Follow-You Printing




  • Reduced power consumption
  • Improved workflows  
  • Increased document security
  • Eliminated uncollected print jobs resulting in paper and power reductions
  • Streamline document scanning and routing by scanning directly to email
  • Introduced remote fleet management
  • Detailed usage reports help reduce operating costs through change 

Ricoh’s Better Way

A Ricoh MFD fleet and partnership
To realise reductions in cost, waste, complexity and CO2, AAPT partnered with Ricoh, who developed a combined MFD fleet reduction and document software solution.  Rolled out in stages, their print fleet was reduced by approximately 50 percent while streamlining document workflows and dramatically reducing paper and power consumption, which included the installation of high performance MFDS along with implementation of Ricoh solutions: Equitrac Office, GlobalScan and @Remote.

Less waste
With the Follow-You Printing functionality, the company has witnessed a dramatic reduction in the amount of documents – often containing sensitive information - printed inadvertently or left on the printer output trays only to be later thrown away. Not only did this solution offer less waste in paper and energy, but also reduced their environmental impact.

Jodie explains: “We’ve set up a policy whereby documents that are not released within 24 hours are automatically purged from the print server. In only six months there were more than 160,000 pages either not printed because users were able to take advantage of the ability to delete print jobs or were automatically purged from the system.”

Less complexity
With GlobalScan, the entire workflow for document scanning has undergone massive changes, delivering increased security and more efficient document distribution. GlobalScan’s integration with AAPT’s Microsoft Exchange Server has enabled AAPT users to scan documents directly to email.

Less CO2
Underpinning AAPT’s improved document management environment are accurate and in-depth reports generated via @Remote. The results, even in the early stages, have been significant. According to a report based on six months usage, there was a saving of over half-a-million pages, a 22 percent reduction, that in paper alone represents nearly $5,000. At an environmental level, that saving equates to 2.65 tonnes of CO2 and approximately 35 trees.

Less cost
Taking into account the reductions in power consumption, paper, toner, fleet size and utilisation of the Ricoh solution’s software features, AAPT recognises it has the potential to achieve a saving of nearly $750,000 within four years.

“The big thing is,” Jodie continues, “that where previously we were running only a straightforward print device fleet environment, the partnership with Ricoh has given us an effective and efficient document and printer fleet management solution – and there’s an enormous difference between the two.”

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