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Ninety-one percent of respondents in a Ricoh-sponsored global survey agreed that improving effectiveness and efficiency in customer-facing document and information processes could speed their time to market – on average by 13 percent.

Collaboration is critical to successful product innovation. Collaborative document and information processes bring together the customer-facing resources who understand the market need and those who will design winning products and services to meet them.

Processes often thought of as 'back office' actually help companies develop the agility to get products and services to market faster—while, at the same time, ensuring they are optimally designed to capture significant market opportunity.

In addition to getting the best products to market faster, respondents also said that fixing processes would help their organisations:

- More rapidly address customer needs (78 percent)

- Respond more quickly to market changes (65 percent)

- Improve their competitive stance (63 percent)

Competitors unable to keep up with innovation present you with an opportunity to capture customers in their base who demand cutting edge solutions. What do you need to do to capitalise on this; how can you more rapidly respond to other changes in your competitive landscape?

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Learn how optimising document and information processes can actually help enterprising individuals and teams capitalise on new business opportunities to help grow your top line.

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