Save time and money through a streamlined workflow

Saving time and money through streamlined worfklow

The Customer: Indigo North Health

Indigo North Health provides services that include residential aged care, retirement village living, a wide range of community health services as well as childcare services. The not-for-profit health organisation services a population of 8000 located in the Rutherglen region in North East Victoria, known for its vineyards and gourmet eateries.

The Challenge

As an organisation that relies heavily on suppliers and contractors, Indigo North Health required a document and file management solution that would improve the flow of information throughout the organisation, particularly in the area of accounts payable.

The Solution

The Benefits


Ricoh MFD and Laserfiche solution, which takes all hard and softcopy documents and transfers them to an electronic filing system with strong optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities for easy distribution, archiving and retrieval.

  • Eliminated manual distribution of invoices
  • Removed need to manage large number of paper-based accounts payable files
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Achieved instant transmission of approvals from cost centre manager to accounts payable
  • Fully eliminated instances of lost invoices in transit
  • Dramatically reduced 'chasing up approvals' by accounts payable  


Ricoh’s Better Way

In partnership with their local Ricoh Business Partner, a Laserfiche and Ricoh multifunction device (MFD) solution was identified to streamline their document management workflow, which has resulted in the immediate saving of eight-to-ten hours every fortnight and a return on investment in barely 12 months.

All invoices received from suppliers and contractors, hard and softcopy, are immediately transferred to the Laserfiche system where they are emailed automatically through to the relevant cost centre manager. An automated approval process offers even greater efficiency and savings, as cost centre managers can view the invoice from the email where they can approve or deny, specify an expense code and add notes for the accounts team. Once closed, the invoice is sent instantly back to the accounts payable team for appropriate action.

The system is also able to match invoices in the system with corresponding purchase orders, so cost centre managers can easily compare one against the other.
It’s well worth noting that while the Ricoh colour MFD and Laserfiche are the two core elements that have supported and achieved the early savings realised by Indigo North Health, it is the tight integration existing between the two technologies and high levels of customisation that enabled the result. This was provided by the Ricoh Business Partner team who was able to create the workflows that have proven to be precise matches for Indigo North Health’s business needs. 

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