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Ricoh is the first technology services-based organisation in Australia to become carbon neutral. We're inviting our customers to join our sustainability journey as we offset the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by select devices when you scan, print or fax.*

This carboNZeroCertTM certified service is available to customers who contract and finance through Ricoh Australia, finance qualifying equipment from Ricoh Finance, agree to remote fleet management and participate in Ricoh's Consumable Recycling Program. Under this carboNZero certified service and for the duration of the applicable lease, rental or hire purchase, Ricoh Australia will offset the GHG emissions generated. Our latest range of cut-sheet production printers, multifunction devices and printers are eligible for this service.

Our journey

This is another step in our journey towards sustainability journey. In April 2013, Ricoh Australia became a carboNZero certified organisation, the first technology services-based organisation in Australia to do so. As part of its certification through carboNZero, Ricoh Australia's carbon neutral status has been verified under the internationally accredited carboNZero programme, a process which required the external auditing of Ricoh Australia's existing GHG footprint and emissions reduction activities. Carbon Offset Credits were purchased by Ricoh Japan to neutralise the organisation's unavoidable GHG emissions.
But our journey towards greater long-term sustainability is far from over.

Future steps

While we're very proud of achieving carbon neutral status, there's more to come. Worldwide, Ricoh is turning back the clock, aiming to reduce its total environment footprint to just one-eighth of its year 2000 levels by 2050. Turning the environmental clock back so far puts a high priority on improving sustainable practices throughout our business, and this need is driving many other innovations within our company in Australia and globally.

Ricoh Australia has previously pioneered programs that set industry benchmarks for sustainability. This included developing a waste management program – in line with our 'Zero Waste to Landfill Policy' – of recycling end-of-life machines and service parts to achieve up to a 98 per cent resource recovery rate. We also host an eco billboard in North Sydney, powered entirely by solar energy.

An important part of our goal is to partner with our customers, sharing with them our extensive knowledge and experience. By choosing Ricoh's carbon neutral printing service and walking in our footprint, we'll help you take steps to make your organisation more sustainable too.
Further information on the carboNZero certification of our organisation and carbon neutral printing service can be in the following documents:

Product Disclosure Statement
Service Disclosure Statement


We want to help you to walk in our footprint

We place a very high priority on helping our customers reduce their cost, waste, complexity and CO2 emissions.

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