Vision, Mission, Values


To be the most trusted brand with irresistible appeal in the global market.


At the Ricoh Group, we are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living.


To be one global company, we must care about people, our profession, our society, and our planet. We must dedicate our winning spirit, innovation and teamwork to sharpen our customer centric focus, and we must also commit to the highest standards of ethics & integrity.

Winning Spirit - Ricoh must lead the world in every endeavour it undertakes.
Each Ricoh person is constantly challenged to passionately pursue innovation.

Innovation - We strive to identify the most demanding needs of the market and to provide customers the highest level of experience.
We devote our resources to improving quality and exceeding customer expectations.

Teamwork - All Ricoh people are part of a global team, learning from, and respecting each other.
Our team is dedicated to continuously improving Ricoh products, services and processes by cooperating with, learning from, and respecting each other.

Customer Centric - Although we are a global company, we must not lose sight of our entrepreneurial spirit to understand each customer’s needs from their “eye-level”, which brings new value to those we serve.

Ethics & Integrity - Each one of us commits to act with integrity and honesty in all situations, and we will take personal responsibility for our actions.

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