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The Customer: McDonald's

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone that there are over 800 McDonald’s restaurants located throughout Australia. It’s a serious business and one that relies on one of the world’s most efficient organisational infrastructure.

Playing a background yet crucial part in that infrastructure is the McDonald’s Australia Print Centre located in the company’s Sydney headquarters.

The Challenge

For the Print Centre, meeting the almost non-stop demand for print production services means maintaining a high-performance production environment in which reliability, quality and versatility are of paramount importance. Training manuals, business cards and local in-store marketing resources are only a few items in the wide range of printed materials generated daily by the Print Centre, contributing to its 150,000 black & white impressions per month request.

According to Print Centre Manager, Cathy Hodge, their incumbent black & white print production system was breaking down on a regular basis and lacked even adequate finishing. With 150,000 black & white impressions per month being requested for materials including training manuals, business cards and a wide range of printed material generated daily, the decision was made to undertake a complete refresh of the Print Centre’s production environment, with a primary focus on black & white production capabilities.

"With anything up to a four day wait for on-site support, and the need to outsource booklet and manual binding meant we were failing to meet our production deadlines, which was in turn disadvantaging our internal clients." Hodge said.

The Answer

Following several months of evaluating proposed solutions from three vendors – none of which was Ricoh, by the way – contracts were only days off being signed when Cathy received a call from one of Ricoh’s print production specialists. "Even though we had already decided to go with another vendor," Cathy explains, "we went along to a demonstration at the Ricoh Printing Innovation Centre."

By the time the presentation was over, it was a totally different game. "We were so impressed with the professionalism of the Ricoh team and the capabilities of the production solution that we immediately entered into discussions for a Ricoh solution." Cathy states.

"And within a couple of months we had taken delivery of two new 110 page per minute units that were giving us benefits right from the start."

Automated in-line binding

Key among those benefits is the Print Centre’s dramatically improved turnaround times, particularly with regard to jobs requiring specific finishing. Using the Ricoh solution’s in-line perfect binding, large reports, booklets and training manuals are printed, collated and perfect-bound in a single workflow.

Waste reduction

Where it used to be the case that the Print Centre would have to absorb all print production costs, business unit usage reports are now being generated each month, detailing the number of impressions, finishes and even stock involved in each job. With those reports the Print Centre has introduced a monthly charge-back schedule, accounting for every black & white impression made for each business unit, enabling major cost and paper savings.

Support & training on demand

"We’re constantly exploring ways and means of using our Ricoh production environment to do things better and more efficiently." Hodge explains.

"One of the things that has constantly impressed us is that whether it’s a technician conducting a regular service or our account manager, all the Ricoh people have an excellent understanding of the hardware and software, and are able to give us the advice and support we need on the spot." Hodge added.

The Print Centre now benefits from a maximum two hour response for on-site support, typically. Hodge explains, "Compare that to the three or four days we had with our previous vendor and system, and it’s easy to see how we’re now a more efficient part of the McDonald’s business than ever before."

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