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The Customer: Digital Print Centre (DPC) at the University of Melbourne

"With the Pro C900's inline saddle-stitch finishing we are realising more efficiencies. I don't have to watch the machine to see if the output is up to scratch, because I know it is." - Tony Bertolotti, Manager, DPC


The Challenge

The University of Melbourne's Digital Print Centre (DPC) creates 26.5 million impressions annually, 70% of which is done during two peak periods per year. Increasing competition means that the DPC must continue to provide the best service at the best price. It therefore sought a new, cost-effective device to improve its competitiveness and upgrade its product offering. Speed, quality and reliability were important considerations that needed to be weighed up against the cost of the solution.

The Solution

The Benefits


The Pro C900 is Ricoh’s first colour production device,  featuring the fastest speed in its class. It delivers a constant 90 ppm in full colour, an average monthly print volume of 170,000 and duty cycle of 400,000. Amongst its industry leading inline finishing capabilities, it also boasts the first ever fully automated ring-bind finisher.

  • Improved productivity
  • Colour accuracy
  • High quality output
  • Reliability
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Maximum uptime
  • 10-15% increase in impressions
  • Increased colour use by 10%  


There were a number of factors in Bertolotti’s decision making process. “We wanted the best in colour. But other key factors were speed, efficiency and finishing,” he said, adding “I wanted the newest technology. With the Pro C900 I’m getting the newest technology for colour available to the market. I’m also getting the latest hardware and software.”

“We compete with local commercial print suppliers for every impression,” Bertolotti explained. “Therefore being competitive is crucial if we are to provide truly cost effective outcomes for our clients. The Pro C900 gives us the edge over our competition. It’s more efficient and cost effective to run, with its inline finishing options.”

Ricoh’s Better Way

The DPC have seen high improvements in productivity, primarily due to the Pro C900’s ability to maintain its 90ppm speed across a variety of media type and thickness.  This has led to improvement in turn-around times and increased printing capabilities.

“We are now winning a lot of business. In terms of competitiveness, we’re able to keep our prices low and have even managed to bring some of our quotes down,” Bertolotti added.

“We have a better quality product and finishing which has led to better use staff resources” Bertolotti explained. “With the Pro C900s inline saddle-stitch finishing we are realising more efficiencies. I don’t have to watch the machine to see if the output is up to scratch, because I know it is.”

“Best of all, I have peace of mind. I know that it can take whatever we throw at it and I know I have great support from the Ricoh team if and when we need it,” Bertolotti added.

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