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The Customer: Greyhounds WA

“What it boils down to is that we have an exceptionally well supported leading-edge print production environment that gives us everything we need now, and well into the future.” Richard Such, Print Shop Supervisor

Background: Full service printing

Throughout Western Australia, greyhound racing is a multi-million dollar business that attracts participants and enthusiasts from virtually every walk of life. As the organisation responsible for operating the State’s three greyhound racing venues, Greyhounds WA strives to ensure its operations are benchmarked as premier Australian racing and entertainment facilities.

In the background, and playing an important role in supporting Greyhounds WA operations, is its in-house Print Shop delivering a professional and highly efficient print production service. Key among the projects undertaken by the Print Shop are: over 2,500 saddle-stitched A4 race books every week, the weekly production of approximately 3,000 A3 colour TAB posters, and a myriad of ad hoc print jobs in direct support of the organisation’s marketing department.

The Challenge: Colour production excellence

In 2008, the Print Shop introduced a Ricoh Pro 1356EX black-and white production print engine that provided it with the on-demand ability to produce high volumes of black-and-white prints, complete with in-line finishing to create folded and saddle-stitched booklets.

According to the Print Shop Supervisor, Richard Such, the challenge lay in colour production, most notably the full-colour race book covers and posters. “A few years ago we leased two A3 colour print production units from another vendor, but the units’ low level of reliability and an inability to handle A3+ stock meant they were creating a very real production bottleneck,” he explains.

The Solution

The Benefit

The Pro C900 is Ricoh’s first colour production device, featuring the fastest speed in its class. It delivers a constant 90 ppm in full colour, an average monthly print volume of 170,000 and duty cycle of 400,000. Amongst its industry leading inline finishing capabilities, it also boasts the first ever fully automated ring-bind finisher.

  • Integrated print room
  • Increased capacity
  • Eliminated bottlenecks
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced personnel overheads by 30%
  • Time savings
  • Add toner and stock on the fly

Ricoh’s Better Way

Greyhounds WA went to tender for a high speed colour solution that would complement the Ricoh Pro 1356EX and establish an almost seamless print production workflow. After a demonstration of the Ricoh Pro C900, they were impressed with its quality, speed, ease of use and versatility.

“Added to that, the sales people demonstrated a solid knowledge and were able to answer any question we asked,” says Richard.

Following implementation of the Ricoh Pro C900 at the Print Shop, and a seamless integration with the Greyhounds WA network operating environment, productivity gains were almost immediate.

Ricoh product specialists provided on-site training and worked alongside Richard and his team to develop accurate colour profiles that would deliver optimum colour accuracy on a range of specified media.

From that point on, the Print Shop’s productivity soared. So much so, that within a matter of weeks one of the three team members was able to move to a different area of operations without any impact on productivity.

In commenting on how the introduction of the Ricoh Pro C900 in conjunction with the Pro 1356EX resulted in such a large gain, Richard says: “It’s due to a large number of factors, not least of those being an increase in print speed, a dramatic reduction in the amount of time required to manage and maintain the environment, and a highly streamlined workflow.”

The time savings are particularly evident when it comes to producing the full-colour covers for the race books. “We simply take the printed pages to the guillotine, trim them, then transfer them to the 1356EX’s interposer tray, which inserts them as wrap-arounds of the black-and-white prints, ready for automatic saddle-stitching,” Richard explains.

Versatility is now a standard feature of the Greyhounds WA Print Shop, and the organisation is benefiting from an internal print production environment that has the ability to respond rapidly to all print requests.

“Increasingly, digital print production is more economical – in time and money – than traditional offset printing,” Richard states. “And when it comes to quality, the advances have been so great that where I used to be able to tell easily the difference between offset and digital prints, with the Pro C900 and Pro 1356EX, I now need a magnifying glass.”

“Right from the very start,” Richard says, “the Ricoh team – sales, training and technical support – has been nothing short of excellent in their relationship with us. Even the on-site training we received after implementation was designed to meet our business needs, rather than a generic print environment. Then there’s the dedicated Ricoh colour management specialist and direct access to the service technicians, all of whom are only a phone call away and generally on site within a matter of hours – at the most!

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