Document management as a business imperative

The Customer: Sydney Youth Orchestras

For nearly forty years, Sydney Youth Orchestras (SYO) has been providing ongoing education and long term support to young musicians throughout New South Wales. Today, with more than 400 musicians aged from six to 25 in nine separate orchestras, SYO is recognised as the State’s premier orchestral training organisation.

The challenge

According to SYO Development Manager Liz Terracini, the not-for-profit organisation had for too long made do with equipment that required constant attention, was receiving poor levels of service and support, and when it came to reliability, well, the less said the better.

Using SYO's previous equipment, it would take an entire day every week to print and staple the music sheets required for various orchestras' weekend practice sessions. This meant that anyone else in the office wanting to print would be waiting several hours and the person producing the music sheets would have their full working day consumed.

When producing customer-facing documents, the poor print quality and low print speeds of the preceding equipment meant that they had to be outsourced to a print bureau. This led to high costs and schedule delays for SYO.

"Added to that, we recognised that managing documents – everything from faxes and single-sided membership forms right through to thousands of full-colour saddle-stitched booklets – had to improve dramatically. Essentially, it became a business imperative," Terracini states.


The Solution

The Benefit

Introduction of a new Ricoh MFD with in-built booklet finisher and a new black & white printer

  • Improved functionality
  • Cost savings by producing all printing in-house
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved workload balance
  • High speed scanning and printing
  • MFD document feeder
  • Reduced production times and better allocation of resources
  • Eliminated need for desktop scanners
  • Significant cost savings

Fax management workflow: fax to email

  • Improved security
  • Reduced paper waste
  • Improved office collaboration

The answer: A Ricoh colour MFD

Early in 2010, SYO searched the market for a highly efficient single unit document management solution provided and supported by a vendor with a commitment to corporate citizenship and environmental responsibility; they determined Ricoh to be the best fit.

"We recognised Ricoh as being the definite leader in all those areas and when we spoke to them about the problems we were facing and, more importantly, the document management requirements we had, they immediately stepped in and offered to support us," said Terracini.

Ricoh provided SYO with the printing and finishing equipment they required to further enhance their productivity in the form of a new colour multifunction device with a booklet finisher and a new black & white printer.

Secure and efficient workflows

Another benefit of the new Ricoh system is the improved level of security for inbound and outbound faxes. Terracini explains: "We often receive credit card details via fax; and it’s our responsibility to ensure that information is kept as secure as possible. Having the faxes emailed to the right people and not lying around as hard copy means we’re meeting that responsibility."

Training: keeping it real

It was the on-site training provided by a Ricoh customer training specialist that was a major contributing factor to gaining the growing list of document management efficiencies within SYO.

According to Terracini, "All of us were impressed with how the Ricoh customer training specialist worked with us to understand how to use the machine," she says. "We never felt embarrassed about asking even very basic questions, and every answer and explanation he gave us made perfect sense – without the technical jargon."

Corporate citizenship plays a role

Ricoh's strong corporate citizenship and commitment to the environment were the driving force behind SYO's decision to enter into this corporate partnership.

"The approach Ricoh has to the environment, with energy efficient solutions and their extensive paper saving features, means more to us than saving paper and money," Terracini explains. "We have a young membership and it’s very important for them to see us aligned with companies that have the right values and delivering services and solutions that reflect those values."

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