Control costs and improve document security

The Customer: Hawthorn Football Club

“Football means business; and business means money. If you don’t manage your financials, your organisation will struggle. From a financial perspective, having the Ricoh print solution means we’re saving and managing our print-related costs right across the organisation,” Terry Dillon, Chief Operating Officer of Hawthorn Football Club

The Challenge

As one of the most successful AFL clubs with 10 Premierships, the Hawthorn Hawks is backed by a team that goes beyond coaches. From finance and IT through to membership and merchandise, each department contributes to the Club's success - on and off the field.

Part of Hawthorn Football Club’s five year business plan is to increase their financial strength by delivering sustainable annual profits of no less than $2 million. To improve document management, the Club needed to:

  • Extend document security as many of their documents contain information relating to player contracts, reports about opposition and fitness report
  • Reduce waste derived from printing such as energy, paper and consumables
  • Centralise document management to add accountability and simplify use

The Solution

The Benefit

Reduction in printers, faxes, scanners and MFDs from 15 down to 5 MFDs

  • Significant cost savings
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased available floor space
  • Improved functionality

Introduction of Equitrac's Follow You printing, where all print jobs are securely held on a central print server until released by user using their smartcard

  • Reduced waste
  • Improved security
  • Ability to manage throughput down to user level
  • Improved workload balance

Ricoh’s Better Way

Ricoh saw ample opportunity for the Club to improve office workflows and conducted an Office Consulting audit. As a result they have implemented hardware and software solutions across the Club’s head office that has added accountability, reduced environmental impact and improved information confidentiality.

"Instead of having the fifteen standalone printers scattered around the building, we now have five Ricoh multifunctional devices giving us the capabilities to print, copy, scan and fax. From an IT Manager’s perspective, we can now monitor the number of black and white, colour and even the ratio of single to double sided printing,”  explained Michael Nelson, IT Manager of Hawthorn Football Club.

To add accountability, security and further cost reductions to document management, Ricoh implemented Equitrac Office with Follow You Printing, which ensured document security.

Follow You Printing also provides the ability to allocate costs back to business units, so the Club’s finance team can better manage budgets and reduce costs associated with printing.

“When it comes to paper and toner, we’re seeing a dramatic reduction in wastage by taking advantage of the ability to have the printers automatically enforce print and copy quotas. That same feature means also that we’ve almost totally eliminated unauthorised use of printers,” explained Terrey Dillon, Chief Operating Officer of Hawthorn Football Club.

“Add to that the 14 percent savings we’re gaining in power consumption and consolidation of consumable purchasing, we can clearly see how a more efficient print solution contributes to meeting one of our key business goals. That is, growing the Hawthorn Football Club’s financial strength by delivering sustainable annual profits of at least two million dollars,” Dillon added.

You can come and see the results for yourself at a site inspection of Waverley Park. We invite you to see how the mighty Hawks have implemented Ricoh solutions; reducing waste, controlling document workflow and improving efficiency. For more information contact 03 94263555.

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