Access documents in seconds with Laserfiche


The Customer: Ricoh Finance

Ricoh Finance is a division of Ricoh Australia and has specialised in the financing of the Ricoh office automation range for 15 years. Ricoh Finance offers tailored solutions and has a client base spanning the Australian business spectrum from SME to corporate through to government.

The Challenge

  • With more than 17,000 active client files, one of the biggest challenges Ricoh Finance found they faced every day was managing a huge amount of client documentation.
  • Ricoh Finance wanted to develop an improved data management system that would allow for easier archiving and retrieval of account documentation.
  • They also needed to better their customer service by eliminating the lag time responding to client requests.

Ricoh Finance knew it needed to implement a fully automated data management system (DMS) that could handle and centrally store the huge amount of documentation needed daily, and provide easy and on demand access for employees to reduce manpower hours.


The Solution

The Benefit

Implementation of the Laserfiche system for automated data management:

  • All documentations scanned into searchable soft copies
  • All documents stored on a central server
  • Easy to locate files
  • Elimination of lost file problems
  • No more duplication of effort
  • Reduced use of paper and photocopying
  • Increased document security
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased office space with elimination of hard copy archiving

Ricoh’s Better Way

Now all existing contracts have been electronically scanned into Laserfiche, meaning speedy access of all material, and staff can easily view customers’ files at a glance, or search by folder names, file names, any typed text or template fields.

All new documentation including collection and acceptance letters, payouts and quotes can now be transferred easily and immediately via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) directly into the Laserfiche database so it is unnecessary for staff to have to photocopy and file anymore.

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