Ricoh has been a long-term supporter of the disability service provider Sunnyfield. In February 2005 we established the Ricoh Trust to assist Sunnyfield with their 5 year development plan for facilities and services, and specifically to support the “Integrated Living Program” for the disabled. This program focuses on purchasing and modifying housing properties to meet the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities so that they can live near their place of employment and meet their community needs.

Over the past 10 years, Ricoh has donated a total of $910,000 to Sunnyfield. Sunnyfield CEO, Frank Francis, says “All of us at Sunnyfield thank Ricoh for helping us to realise our vision of helping people live as they wish to, and enjoy some of the many life experiences most of us take for granted. We look forward to Ricoh's continued support to help us meet the goals of the people we support well into the future.”

To date, proceeds have also helped realise Sunnyfield’s goal to construct a 2,000 square metre training and employment facility, known as the Lifestyle Centre. The state-of-the-art centre at Allambie Heights in NSW accommodates therapy, lifestyle improvement and development programs. 

Ricoh has built a reputation for corporate support of activities that benefit the community in a number of different ways and at a number of different levels. As Ricoh moves forward, we combine human, environmental and socially responsible management disciplines into everything we do, and by so doing, we believe that we are building a truly socially responsible company.

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