Corporate Social Responsibility

Our goal at Ricoh is to enrich the communities we operate in as well as managing our responsibility to the environment. As corporate citizens it is essential that our contributions to society and the environment are not merely philanthropic, but an integral part of the way we conduct business.

At Ricoh we foster a culture of volunteering and social engagement; opportunities for staff to be involved in the various volunteering activities Ricoh undertakes are introduced to new staff as part of our induction program.

For over fourteen years Ricoh Australia has been a proud supporter of Sunnyfield, a disability service provider. During this time, through important initiatives and programmes, our relationship has developed into a true business partnership. It is through this relationship and our volunteer program with Arranounbai School, that we can help the communities we operate in by supporting people living with disabilities.

Recognising the impact of Climate Change on the Australian environment, Ricoh’s environmental management policy is one of our highest corporate priorities and places us amongst the leaders in environmental management and corporate social responsibility.

Our vision as a global organisation is to reduce our environmental footprint collectively to one eighth of our year 2000 levels by 2050, which translates to an 87% reduction in CO2 emissions. This is the level that we have determined makes our organisation truly sustainable and strikes the correct balance in managing our responsibility to the environment, society and economic performance.

This is the essence of our ‘Planet, People, Profit’ philosophy.


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