Green Partnerships

To help achieve its long term environmental goals, Ricoh is partnering with its business partners, customers, supplies, and other stakeholders to help reduce the impact of Ricoh products on the environment. The aim of these Green Partnerships is to work together to improve the environment, support Australian communities in need and achieve long term sustainability goals. These partnerships are truly a win/win activity where all participants, communities and the environment benefit as a result.

The Green Partnership is an in-principle agreement between Ricoh and a like minded organisation (typically, but not exclusively a customer) to work together to improve social, economic and environmental sustainability in Australia.

Part of the agreement, signed by both parties, includes a commitment to utilise Ricoh’s product stewardship programs, adopt a green procurement policy and work together to achieve a ‘zero waste to landfill’ outcome.

In return, Ricoh works together with our partners to support suitable sustainability programs within their organisations.

To date, Ricoh’s Green Partners include Griffith University, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and CSIRO.  We are keen to continue to grow this program, and welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with organisations that will complement our Green Partnership program

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