No Waste Award

Ricoh Australia’s Canberra branch was awarded the ACT Government’s Gold No Waste Award in 2006 for their efforts in waste reduction.

In Canberra, Ricoh products are supplied to customers directly from the Sydney warehouse. This simple operational process reduces product handling and therefore the amount of packaging required and potential product damage, which in turn leads to efficiencies beyond waste minimisation into economics and staffing. Contracts for the transport and delivery of products include requirements for the reuse and recycling of packaging materials, along with a requirement that no packaging is to remain with clients post delivery. 

Another simple, but effective action implemented within the Canberra branch is the use of electronic communication facilities as a preference over paper. When printing is required, all photocopiers have been preset to duplex printing. Clients are actively encouraged to use this function too. 

A worm farm has been introduced to take organic waste material. The castings from the farm are used as a soil conditioner and natural pesticide in the staff garden. This further rewards staff for their recycling efforts and promotes the active experiential learning process for staff. 

The Canberra office has taken a leadership role by encouraging representatives of external organisations to inspect the recycling operations and by developing a manual, ECO: Environmentally Conscious Office, to aid in the development of operations in other organisations. 

As a result of the initiatives implemented in the branch, the volume of material entering landfill from its operations dropped to just 1.8% (compared to the volume in 2004).

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