Why Managed Document Services?


If your organisation requires high quality document production but printing is not your core business, Ricoh Managed Document Services (MDS) can provide a customised solution.

MDS provides an end-to-end solution for customers, where Ricoh manages a range of non-core services – including print production – that are measured against clearly deļ¬ned KPIs. This enables you to focus on your core business while achieving cost savings, process improvements and increased efficiencies.

Ricoh’s unique service can even place our qualified staff inside your organisation, creating a service centre that offers specialised management expertise in:

  • Onsite managed print and copy centres
  • Bulk host data printing
  • Printer fleet management
  • Enterprise print services delivery
  • Document imaging services
  • Contract management
  • Transition and change management
  • Onsite and offsite mail room services

Why MDS?

  • Are your internal services not effective, reliable or flexible enough for the requirements of the business?
  • Is e-business driving significant IT investments and a shift in quality demands?
  • Are service failures and dissatisfaction becoming boardroom issues?
  • Does your business face increased costs from outsourcing high volume and/or specialised printing and finishing?

A decentralised, complex print environment increases your overall costs and reduces flexibility in responding to change or opportunities – inhibiting business growth. With Ricoh MDS, you can improve your organisation’s service support and delivery, for:

  • Better flexibility, agility and quality
  • Process improvement and automation
  • Reduced risk and lower costs

Finding the perfect fit

Ricoh MDS applies a best practice, proven framework that ensures ongoing improvement of print service support and delivery – in line with your business objectives. You can even add non-core services to the centre’s operations, such as mailroom and imaging functions.

What you can expect from Ricoh Managed Document Services

Before implementing any Ricoh MDS solution, we establish a clear set of goals that are designed to meet your business needs.

The Ricoh consultancy team will work with you to:

  • Familiarise themselves with your organisation, to identify opportunities for process improvement and clarify the scope of all related activities
  • Build support from key stakeholders and clearly communicate the processes for your managed service solution
  • Clarify ownership, roles, responsibilities and accountability, as well as reporting requirements
  • Identify any risks to the successful process improvement
  • Provide a schedule of milestones and progress

To find out more

For more information about Ricoh Managed Document Services or our existing clients and successes, please contact us.

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