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This software will enable you to engage in visual communication anywhere as long as you have a PC, iPad or iPhone. In collaboration with the P3500, these Apps will revolutionize your working style with a new form of communication that utilizes device mobility, camera functions, etc.


For meeting styles with greater freedom and wider scope

For example, to provide sales support, professional staff can explain specialized content from a remote location. Having expert staff available to give direct explanations will raise the level of customer understanding as well as customer satisfaction.

In the case of factories and other production facilities, the fact that on-site personnel can share images with the headquarter's technical staff on a real time basis will facilitate timely problem sharing and resolution with respect to line operation status.

The RICOH Video Conferencing / Web Conferencing system will generate various business benefits in addition to greatly reducing travel time and expense.

Participate in meetings from your own desk or office free spaceConsult with headquarters staff while out in the fieldRemote expert support for presentations by sales staffReal time video and photo information sharing with factory

Access from the optimum device using one ID

One contact ID

Since all applications can be used with one contact ID, it does not matter which device is utilized.

With one contact ID, you can use the system from a PC at your office desk, from a tablet at the customer, and from your personal PC while working at home.

RICOH Unified Communicaiton System general features

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