Video Conferencing / Web Conferencing

Announcing a whole new means of visual communication that incorporates video, audio, documents, and other media.

The Ricoh Unified Communication System provides real-time interactive audio and video communication with multiplelocations via the Internet. It frees you from the constraints of location and environment imposed by conventional Video conferencing systems, and the need for special knowledge required by Web conferencing systems



A wide range of people and locations can be easily and conveniently connected.

Raise efficiency
with close
Reduce the cost
and time of your
business travels
Increase operation
speed with timely
information sharing


Usage not limited to conventional Video Conferencing / Web Conferencing

Between headquarters and branches

Between different companies

Presentations to remote sites

Use a videoconferencing connection
for discussions between headquarters
and other offices. With Video
Conferencing / Web Conferencing, you
can increase productivity while
reducing transit and travel time and
Use a videoconferencing connection
with customers. By responding quickly
to new requests, you can greatly cut
lead times.

Have expert staff participate in
presentations at remote sites. Since
experts can handle multiple business
negotiations from their own desks, you
can achieve higher-quality negotiations
and technical support.



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