The Personnel Group


The Customer: The Personnel Group

As a not-for-profit organisation operating with 90 staff, The Personnel Group (TPG) works to foster workforce diversity and secure jobs for disadvantaged jobseekers. Established in 1986, it operates seven offices across the Victoria/New South Wales regions of the Riverina.

The challenge: Introduce new efficiencies

As an organisation that relies entirely on the productivity of its staff, TPG required a flexible scanning and document management solution as part of a new computing environment. The solution would need to support plans for the future introduction of an online document management system and provide immediate quantifiable environmental savings

The solution: A “green” Ricoh platform

The Solution

The Benefits


 Fleet of Ricoh MFDs

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved functionality
  • High quality output
  • Increased productivity
@Remote Green Reports
  • Customised, intuitive interface and workflow
  • Ensures operators can easily take teaching resources from paper to a digital content management system in a matter of seconds
@Remote device and fleet management and reporting software with @Remote Reports
  • Improved environmental accountability by providing reports that detail:

    • The total volume of printing and copying
    • Energy and CO2 saved by measuring the percentage of print jobs that use duplex printing
    • Amount of time each device spends in operation, standby, energy saver mode and off
    • Estimates of monthly power consumption and subsequent CO2 emissions for each device

An organisation-wide rollout of Ricoh MFDs and Ricoh @Remote Green Reports now provides detailed environmental-specific reports on networked Ricoh devices, helping TPG achieve efficiency targets.

Along with the immediate productivity gains of high performance printing and scanning, the Ricoh solution has introduced improvements in the use of forms and documents by storing them on the MFD and only printing when required. This serves to minimise waste and ensures consistency by preventing the use of out-dated forms. Storing forms on the MFD also has reduced the need and associated costs for outsourcing the printing of forms.

Also important is that the introduction of @Remote Green Reports has offered TPG an environmental and competitive lead. Through the Ricoh solution, the organisation is continually improving their print-related carbon footprint. TPG sees their new capability of demonstrated environmental responsibility as an important aspect of winning new business – one that will only increase in relevance.

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