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The Customer: Tennis Australia - Apia International

As the local governing body for tennis, Tennis Australia, promotes and facilitates the sport at all levels, from local clubs through to the world-renowned Australian Open. This includes managing events like the Apia International Sydney, a hallmark event in the national sporting calendar that brings together some of the world’s best tennis talent.

Challenge: A temporary administration hub

Each year a flurry of activity sees the Tennis Centre at Sydney Olympic Park transform into a temporary hub for the various sporting associations, players, the media and tournament officials for the duration of the event. Regardless of their role, they expect all the facilities of the modern office, not least of which is a fleet of high performance and reliable multifunction devices (MFDs) and printers.

The Solution

The Benefits


A fleet of Ricoh MFDs

  • Reliable - used for up to 16 hours a day
  • 22,000 paged printed in just eight days
  • Able to handle large quantities with short turnaround
  • Able to produce colour Tennis Australia letterheads and temporary signage for the venue

On-site Ricoh personnel
  • Allowed Tennis Australia staff to focus on running the event, not maintaining devices
  • Worked proactively to keep each unit fully stocked and provided support for users

Solution: Ricoh fleet and support

As a sponsor of the Apia International Sydney, Ricoh provided the fleet of MFDs and printers, including determining which devices were best suited and how many should be supplied. They also ensured a quick and seamless installation and removal, timed closely with the event’s requirements. Ricoh personnel remained onsite to ensure that the fleet was always up and running, stocked with paper and consumables.

Throughout the course of the tournament, organisers and officials benefited from the robust and highly reliable operation of the Ricoh fleet, something that was vital given many of the devices were in use for up to 16 hours each day, producing important documents for players, coaches, staff and he media.

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