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The Customer: Sony DADC

In the world of digital media production, Sony DADC Australia is an undisputed leader. A full-service technology and solution provider for optical media, Sony DADC offers services from the traditional replication business to printing services, disc mastering and digital asset management.

Challenge: Full Process Management

Sony DADC was facing numerous print challenges. They required a solution that provided for shorter print runs to support minimised inventory levels, a greater prevalence of print-on-demand jobs, increased security requirements for in-package serial/activation codes and cost reduction.

With that in mind, the company started a research and evaluation process that saw the products, support and service offered by the world’s leading digital print production solution providers put through exhaustive tests.

Sony DADC ultimately made the decision to partner with Ricoh on the implementation of the Ricoh Pro C901s production colour printer.

The Solution


A Ricoh Pro C901 solution, printing everything from variable data prints for serial numbers to DVD envelopes and case inserts.


  • Meet deadlines without compromise
  • Requires minimal management
  • Operating reliably often on a 24-by-7 basis
  • Streamlined workflows has offered the ability to transfer projects from offset
  • Ability to colour match across different devices, including offset
  • Highly flexible and fast digital workflow
  • Backed by Ricoh’s expertise and support



Solution: Full process management with a Ricoh Pro C901s


Within the Sony print environment, there is no compromise when it comes to deadlines, and regardless of the enormous print volume being generated with the Ricoh Pro C901s, every deadline is being met.

The success of the Ricoh Pro C901s in Sony DADC’s print environment is more than quality, reliability, workflow or support – it is the sum of all those and more. “Our business is growing at a rapid rate, and our client base is placing printing demands on us that an entirely new approach to media packaging printing,” David says. “For us, the Pro C901s is more than just a printer, it’s a solution to one of our most pressing business challenges.”

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