Secure cheque printing solutions


Only the most secure and cost effective solutions will do when printing cheques, rates notices, bills and statements.

The correct toner must be used to print MICR – the characters and symbols at the bottom of a cheque – so they are processed accurately, on demand, and to strict Australian standards.

Specialised MICR printing is now available on two of Ricoh’s black and white printers including the SP 5200DN and SP 8300DN.

These devices help the finance industry print confidential cheques and customer statements with extra security and at a reduced cost.

Ricoh’s finance print solutions are as helpful as an extra you… or two.

What does this mean to you?

Increase security and reduce costs

Our MICR printers boost security by allowing you to print cheques on demand, eliminating the need to store pre-printed cheques in unsecured places. This extra security also saves storage costs and increases your efficiency.

Our tray lock solution securely locks away high value cheque media – stopping security breaches and cheque mishandling.

Datastream encryption and user authentication prevents cheque fraud and interception of the print stream data by sending encrypted data to the printer, where it is then decrypted by the device.

Printing cheques only when you need them reduces waste and returns or fines due to poor and unreadable MICR.

Gain control and meet quality standards

The flexibility offered by our MICR printers means less complexity and higher quality results.

Special features like low toner warning and auto stop ensure you’ll never run out of toner, or reach a level that could impact MICR readability. You also have complete control of when and where cheques are printed, allowing you to manage cheque numbers and locations before they’re issued.

Our MICR printers meet the very precise design, layout and printing standards of the Australian Payment Clearing Association, ensuring you will avoid cheque rejection and a potential fine. E-13B font is created especially for these printers, ensuring the highest readability of MICR characters.


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