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The Customer: Southbank Institute of Technology

The Brisbane-based Southbank Institute of Technology (SBIT) is a leader in vocational education and training, offering industry partnerships and world-class training facilities. With its proven track record in providing graduates with relevant skills and experience, SBIT has gained an international reputation for excellence.

Challenge: Achieve it all

SBIT identified the need to address a multitude of operational, cost and environmental inefficiencies within its incumbent print device fleet and management practices. Print and document management problems were further compounded with the need to introduce print security, reduce its CO2 footprint, cut costs and establish a strong vendor partnership.



Equitrac with Follow-You printing

  • Document cost recovery through cost reporting to provide accountability
  • Waste reductions and improved security
  • 30% fleet rationalisation provided reductions in waste and CO2
  • Greater control over consumables consumption

@Remote Green Reports


  • Detailed reports cover everything from paper consumption, energy use and month-to-month CO2 trends.
  • Improved accountability of environmental measures and the ability to maintain high green standards.

Ricoh valet service

  • Ensures all devices are always stocked with paper and consumables for maximum productivity

Solution: Ricoh across the board

Following a two-week on-site audit during which Ricoh print and document management specialists proposed a solution consisting of best-fit multifunction device (MFD) and printer models, with Ricoh offering a comprehensive solution that ticked all of SBIT’s boxes.

Less cost

With document cost recovery and accountability being the two most highly sought after features of the Institute’s new document management environment, Ricoh’s implementation of an Equitrac Office print and device management solution is delivering even beyond expectations.

Less waste

For the department and faculty heads, reports are proving to be invaluable. Along with providing information that can identify poor document print practices, such as unnecessary bypassing of black-and-white and double-side print defaults, it is eliminating one of the most common causes of print cost overruns – excessive personal printing.

Follow-You printing  has enabled SBIT to reduce their fleet by 30% through its the enterprise-level print security, eliminating the need for desktop printers for printing confidential documents.

Less CO2

There is an enormous focus on environmental responsibility within SBIT, and the Ricoh solution is aiding that at numerous levels. Those being:

  • Comprehensive @Remote Green Reports provide detailed information on environmental measures
  • A demonstrable reduction of environmental impact in manufacture of Ricoh MFDs through to one of the industry’s most efficient recycling and reclamation programs.

Less Complexity

White the cost savings, improved security and green benefits are fundamental to SBIT’s Ricoh-derived gains, the partnership provides additional features that allows SBIT to concentrate on its core activity of educating:

  • A valet service, which sees every Ricoh device restocked with consumables every morning;
  • Regular site visits from the Ricoh account manager to evaluate fleet and Ricoh personnel performance; and
  • Maintenance of a 99.5% minimum SLA (Service Level Agreement) performance.

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