Ricoh ProcessDirector Express


Streamline operations, improve process integrity, enhance operator productivity, reduce errors and help lower costs in your print environment with RICOH ProcessDirector Express.

Easy-to-use modular workflow software that lets you start small and grow over time, RICOH ProcessDirector Express can be a single point of control to help medium size print shops optimise and manage print and mail. With core capabilities plus optional add-on features, ProcessDirector Express software enables flexible control of your production processes using Adobe PDF datastreams.

  • Wave the automation wand: Automated workflow improves efficiency and enables complete integrity, ideal for transactional printing.
  • Bring in new work: Produce regulated documents perfectly, such as healthcare enrolment kits, lottery tickets and credit information, with proof of compliance.
  • Start small, or not:  Optional add-ons, such as file viewers and print queue management are available to build workflow process capabilities.
  • See all, know all, control all:  Manage jobs among multiple printers, prioritise jobs and move jobs to underutilised systems with the easy-to-use web browser based GUI.
  • Built workflows in a flash:  Make your job a lot easier with graphical workflows so you an automate business rules and automate jobs.
  • Capture postal savings:  With the optional PDF Mailroom Integrity Feature you can improve mail handling by applying barcodes, commingling jobs with similar characteristics, sorting envelopes into post office-ready groups and automating reprints.
  • Believe in vendor neutrality? We do too:  Install ProcessDirector on top of your Windows or Linux server platform, or use it with Windows * on your laptop. You can control PCL, PDF and PostScript printers, most vendors’ inserters and printers from Ricoh and other vendors. 

Ricoh ProcessDirector Express can help you save time, cost, waste, complexity and CO2.  For more information contact one of our Production Solutions Specialists on or 1300 887 414.

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