Ricoh ProcessDirector


An extensible, configurable output process management system that lets you start small and grow over time, Ricoh ProcessDirector™ is modular software that can help you control and manage your transaction output processes. With core capabilities plus optional add-on features, InfoPrint ProcessDirector software enables flexible control of your print and mail production processes using either Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP™) or Adobe™ PDF datastreams.

Ricoh ProcessDirector can streamline operations, improve process integrity, enhance operator productivity, reduce errors and help lower costs.


  • Keep jobs flowing with complete integrity: View and control all of your jobs using a browser-based interface.
  • Turn up the volume: Ideal for high-volume print shots where you can automate reprint, track every document and create reports for billing or compliance.
  • Ease into automation: Start small or customise ProcessDirector right away with optional modules that build on capabilities to manage print queues, automate workflow, track jobs, control printer operation and much more.
  • Save time, save money: The built-in viewer allows you to visually jump to any individual document and reprint only that single piece. Print sample pages for approval, with full tracking for auditability.
  • Log in and control jobs from anywhere: The web-based interface has a dashboard that runs on embedded web server software. You can manage jobs among multiple printers prioritise jobs, move jobs to underutilised systems, and a lot more, from a single point of control.
  • Built workflows in a snap: Drag and drop icons to create visual diagrams and automate workflows. You can even include manual steps to track activities such as quality assurance.

Ricoh ProcessDirector can help you save time, cost, waste, complexity and CO2. For more information contact one of our Production Solutions Specialists on or 1300 887 414.

For more information contact one of our Production Solutions Specialists on or 1300 887 414.

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