PJ WX4241N

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Main Features

An innovative 'rear-front' projector design places all cables and fan exhaust to the front so that you can place these projectors on a desk-edge, without noise and heat affecting the viewers. This is also frees desk space, reduces glare and eliminates obstructions in the projection beam. For complete flexibility, the projectors can be wall or ceiling mounted if required. A sophisticated features set provides you with enhanced functions such as auto-brightness, advanced connectivity options and 3D projection support. There is even a presentation timer to help you keep track of the screening duration.

  • Short throw or desk-edge projection options with simple, intuitive operation
  • Advanced connectivity options include LAN and Wi-Fi to a range of devices
  • Sophisticated features include auto-brightness and integral speaker
  • Outstanding projection quality using Ricoh advanced optics technology
  • Optional Interactive Kit turns any projection surface into an interactive whiteboard

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