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Main Features

The perfect image. Every time.

A high-end projector that can offer you only the highest image quality – this advanced device is perfect for museums, art galleries and hotels – or for signage use or wall-based presentations. Thanks to its V/H Keystone, 4-point and V/H Pincushion correction, you can maintain wider and crisper images on a larger scale, so whatever you’re projecting, the images look as good as they can possibly look. And thanks to its motorised lens-shift, you can change projection vertically and horizontally without moving the projector.

Let your projections shine

You can showcase brighter images at up to 12,000 lm and really let your installations or videos get their messages across thanks to wider and crisper image sharing. The PJ KU12000 can easily project images which look square on cylindrical, spherical or differently shaped screens without distortion and the dual lamp feature also enables you to avoid interruptions during your event.

A completely different point-of-view.

If you need to use multiple projectors, you can use the warping and blending tool to coordinate the projections of the same images thanks to technology that overlap the images to give a smooth larger view. You can even show two images at the same time, by using Picture In Picture or Picture By Picture settings. And you add an optional higher-grade color wheel for more vivid and natural colours.

The best view. From wherever you choose.

With motorized lens shift, you can change projection vertically and horizontally without moving the projector and it’s so flexible it can be installed at any angle. So it’s perfect for a wide range of applications, such as projecting on the ceiling or on the floor. Six separate optional lenses can enhance viewing quality from various distances – up to an astonishing 77.6 meters.

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