Managing thousands of vital documents

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The Customer: Ron Crouch Transport      

A Wagga Wagga, NSW  based and family-owned business, Ron Crouch Transport employees 50 employees and operates 50 vehicles with depots in Wagga, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra.

The challenge: Managing thousands of vital documents

The company needed a solution to help manage the workflow of their hard-copy proof of delivery (POD) documents, which are often required by customers for payment. With approximately 500 new PODs generated each day and an archive of over 300,000, managing this documentation is vital to the success of the business.

The solution:

The Solution

The Benefits


A Ricoh-customised Laserfiche Avante Document Management Solution

  • Time savings of 80 percent
  • Reduced expenses
  • Integrated with incumbent crucial business systems


Following extensive discussions with the company’s local Ricoh Business Partner, Ron Crouch Transport made the decision to upgrade from paper-based filing to a customised Laserfiche Avante Document Management Solution to facilitate online digital document filing, management and retrieval capabilities.

The Laserfiche solution was specifically tailored to allow signed PODs to be batch scanned and put through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process to capture printed information before being stored into a searchable electronic repository. Now, a process that used to take half a day to file manually has reduced the workload by 80 percent. As a result staff have more time to focus on other work and the company responds more quickly to customer enquiries.

Crucial to the success of the implementation was the customisation required by Ricoh to integrate the Laserfiche solution to the company’s existing IT system, TransLogix. The Ricoh business partner worked with Ron Crouch Transport to devise an integration that ensured each POD is scanned and stored in the repository, then automatically exported as a compatible file to TransLogix.

In addition to protecting Ron Crouch Transport’s investment in their incumbent system, the introduction of the Laserfiche solution from Ricoh has helped the company avoid substantial infrastructure expenses.

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