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The Customer: ClearCorp

When it comes to document management security and efficiency, the financial sector is high in the list of those with the utmost demands. For Canberra-based ClearCorp, a Chartered Accountancy firm specialising in small to medium business and investor clients, the need for improved document security, enhanced document workflows and top-of-the-line vendor support resulted in the introduction of a Ricoh customised document capture and imaging solution.

The challenge: Support, security and efficiency

ClearCorp were looking for a solution that was customised to their precise needs, along with improved print production capabilities, backed with on-demand support, and a solution, providing the following benefits:

  • Reduced manual scan-to-database processes
  • Improved print security through release print functionality
  • Automatic PDF conversion and storage of emails


The solution: A Ricoh document management solution

The Solution

The Benefits


Two Ricoh colour multifunction devices (MFDs) and a Ricoh black-and-white laser printer

  • Ability to print and ring bind large reports on the one machine
  • Versatile and reliable performance
  • Improved document security with the capacity to 'print and hold' until the document is released at the device

A Ricoh-customised document imaging solution
  • Ricoh were able to use ClearCorp's existing software and integrate it to deliver time savings and workflow improvements
  • Reduced scan-to-file processing time by 35 per cent
  • Ability to process payslips down from half a day to just under 10 minutes

As ClearCorp continues along a path of sustained growth, the company’s Ricoh document management implementation is fundamental to ensuring consistently high levels of operational efficiency and client service.

Ricoh integrated ClearCorp’s existing software to facilitate the scanning of documents directly to a client file. The enabling feature of this is a dramatically simplified workflow, all of which takes place at the Ricoh multifunction device and within a matter of seconds.

ClearCorp are also enjoying new levels of document security, which are being used to great effect across the entire business. Now, instead of pressing an on-screen Print button and having the selected document print immediately to one of the printers, users at ClearCorp have the option of printing either to hardcopy, preview or online storage for later retrieval and printing.

The result, though, is more than security and document imaging and capture. It’s also about versatile printing; and with a Ricoh high performance colour MFD taking main stage at ClearCorp, in-house print production has offered the benefit of producing large print runs for clients – including finishing and ring binding – all on the one device.

Backing ClearCorp’s improved workflow, security and printing capabilities is the service they receive from Ricoh. Service queries that waited up to three days with their previous supplier are now handled on the spot, by dealing directly with Ricoh specialists or their dedicated Account Manager.

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