Improve document flexibility and cost control over multiple sites


The Customer: AGC

The biggest names in the resources industry rely on AGC, a Perth-based company that fabricates, installs and maintains equipment for companies such as Woodside, BHP, Rio Tinto and Chevron.

The Challenge: Managing a multi-vendor environment

With a head office and fabrication plant located in Western Australia, as well as project sites across Queensland, Singapore and Thailand, AGC chose Ricoh to resolve the challenges from their existing multi-vendor document environment, such as:

  • an inability to allocate print costs to individual business units/cost centres,
  • multiple points of contact for support and consumables purchasing,
  • excessive IT management overheads,
  • no facilities for establishing and enforcing any form of print policy.

The Answer: A consolidated Ricoh solution

The answer emerged in the form of an innovative Ricoh solution, but only after an exhaustive evaluation of current market offerings. “We had all of the big players in a tender process, and each one started on an equal footing,” says AGC Chief Information Officer David Redpath. “Ultimately, even though Ricoh’s proposed solution was very attractive at a price level, it was a decision based primarily on the solution itself – the functionality and features, management and flexibility.”

The Solution

The Benefits


30  Ricoh multifunction devices (MFD)s installed across AGC’s sites

  • Customised integration with Ricoh- centralised form and document printing
  • User access to a range of Ricoh-enabled features
  • Cost reductions
Customised Equitrac with Follow-You Printing for fleet management and document security
  • Improved security and efficiency
  • Full control over print management, cost recover and device reporting
  • Flexibility to print from any networked Ricoh MFD

Forming the basis of AGC’s Ricoh fleet solution are 30 Ricoh MFDs installed across all the company’s sites. With each of those MFDs, users have access to a range of Ricoh-enabled features, including centralised form and document printing. At a management level, the Ricoh solution is affording AGC major gains, with a Ricoh-customised Equitrac implementation supporting full control over print management, cost recovery and device reporting.

Consistent documents with easy access

One of the most immediate benefits of the Ricoh solution is company-wide access to approved and up-to-date forms and documents – and this, directly from any one of the Ricoh MFDs. Enabled by the implementation of a custom-developed document server solution, it has virtually eliminated the wastage and consistency issues that were so prevalent within the company prior to the Ricoh solution.  

This solution is also providing further efficiency gains by storing print and finishing settings for individual documents, which automatically chooses appropriate settings for documents , such as colour or black-and-white, single- or double-sided, and even – where supported by the particular MFD – stapling and hole punching.

Central management and cost reductions

With the Ricoh solution’s Equitrac-enabled Follow-You Printing feature, AGC has been able to eliminate problems associated with uncollected print jobs, which in turn has reduced the number of devices used across the business while maintaining document security protocols and reducing wastage.
Also important is the convenience and flexibility afforded by the Follow-You Printing system, according to Redpath. “Now if you go to your nearest MFD and it is being used by someone, you don’t have to wait for them to finish - you just walk to the next machine and swipe your card there,” he says. “I can even press print in Perth, drive to Kwinana, swipe my card on an MFD there and out comes my print.

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