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The Customer: Maribyrnong College

Melbourne’s Maribyrnong College was slated for closure back in 2005 as a result of declining school numbers until the decision was made to use the College as the site for a Sports College. Now with a student population of over 1000, it’s one of the area’s most highly regarded schools and is showing the way in promoting leading teaching practices.

Challenge: Promote and protect best practice resources

With the introduction of numerous digital-based learning initiatives, the College required a document management system to facilitate the capture, storage and sharing of best-practice teaching resources.

The Solution

The Benefits


 Three Ricoh MFDs

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved functionality
  • Ability to integrate with document management system
eCopy document imaging software and Ricoh ESA (Embedded Software Architecture) ServerPrint document search and print software
  • Customised, intuitive interface and workflow
  • Ensures operators can easily take teaching resources from paper to a digital content management system in a matter of seconds
@Remote device and fleet management and reporting software with @Remote Reports
  • Automated toner ordering
  • Access aggregated device data
  • Frees up vital IT resources
  • Ricoh staff notified of any potential problems on MFDs

Solution: A Ricoh end-to-end solution

With an ever-increasing amount of teaching resource documents being transferred to the Ricoh document management solution, Maribyrnong is protecting itself from loss of resources while simultaneously providing all teachers with access to shared resources.

Having achieved a fully customised interface on each of the MFDs, Ricoh engineers built an intuitive workflow behind the “scan to server” button, ensuring operators could easily take their teaching resources from paper to digital content management system in a matter of seconds.

It’s worth noting that even with the looming introduction of the Victorian Government’s Ultranet educational cloud solution, Nick Scott, Principal, regards the College’s Ricoh solution as a critical Ultranet component. “… With the ability to connect the Ricoh solution to virtually any external sources, even if it’s cloud-based, we can have our documents replicated automatically on to Ultranet.”

With limited IT support resources, the implementation of Ricoh’s @Remote device management has helped the school manage their printing resources more effectively. Toner levels are monitored by @Remote, to ensure they remain sufficient. The extensive @Remote Reports are also offering the school the ability to track expenditure, usage and performance. The College’s single IT resource is now free to focus on core IT functions.

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