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Connecting with staff and customers is essential to business success.

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard Solutions allow you to engage, collaborate and create. Our economical and mobile solution transforms your whiteboard into an interactive workspace, bringing ideas to life to engage with your staff and customers.

Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard Solutions are like having a virtual colleague taking care of your presentations.

The Whiteboard

Lightweight, portable and adaptable, Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard Solutions transform any flat, hard surface – including whiteboards, walls or even tabletops – into a powerful interactive workspace. The Solutions will provide an interactive workspace of up to a 2.7 x 1.5 m space.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions work with an ergonomic stylus and with Ricoh’s portable Ultra Short-Throw projector model,
PJ WX4152N, which features high resolution to add clarity and a wider projected image.

The Solution

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions are the perfect way to engage staff and customers while encouraging interaction and sharing ideas.

With powerful and user-friendly interactive software, Interactive Whiteboard Solutions can be set up in seconds. Draw anything with the stylus using vibrant colours, or use productivity tools to help focus attention on your notes and ideas.

The Solutions include powerful tools, record and playback, multiple file formats, \  and whiteboard capture functionality. Digitally capture handwritten notes to retrieve and share later.

Interactive Whiteboard Solutions are also totally portable and mobile. You can use any existing surface, making the whiteboard completely mobile and offering excellent value for money with no additional assets required


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