Healthcare print solutions


Whether it’s patient records, test results or employee information, managing sensitive paperwork accurately and securely is essential in the healthcare industry.

Engineered with innovative, easy to use capabilities, Ricoh print solutions for the SP 5200 series offer secure, flexible and customised printing for your industry.

Our solutions are engineered with a range of innovative, easy-to-use capabilities, and are available on these Ricoh printers:

Ricoh’s Healthcare print solutions are as helpful as an extra you… or two.

What does this mean to you?

Save time and increase efficiency

Our remote fleet management tools streamline your printing and manage your outputs.

Innovative Teflon-coated print rollers add a smooth reliability to the printing of healthcare materials like wristbands and labels.
Monitoring the performance and managing the diagnosis of your SP 5200 series device, real-time remote fleet management provides an easy connection to your network and a simple driver installation.

Use SD card to quickly and easily transfers printer settings, allowing you to streamline the configuration between devices.

Boost security

Protect confidential patient data with solutions to lock, encrypt, overwrite or delete information.

The tray lock solution allows you to print and securely manage prescription paper, wristbands and other sensitive materials by locking the tray so it will only be used when purposely selected.

You can also protect and prevent data theft with our DataOverwrite Security System (DOSS), which destroys images from the hard drive after each print job.

Hard disk drive (HDD) overwrite/encryption offers an extra security boost – encrypting your address book, authentication information and stored documents. The SP 5200 series can also hold print jobs until a user ID and password are entered.


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