The Customer: Fremantle Dockers

In 1995 the Fremantle Football Club, the Dockers, became the second team from Western Australia to join the Australian Football League (AFL). Participating in the AFL calls for a substantial infrastructure and business model, and the club looks to key partners for support. Among those key partners is Ricoh Australia.

Challenge: Complex management and cost overruns

Professional sport is serious business; and for the Dockers, in-house printing is one area in which efficiencies in management and costs needed to be addressed. According to IT Manager Minh Tran, a mix of print devices from multiple vendors was at the heart of the problem.  At a cost level, there was no ability to track what was being printed and by whom. This meant that apportioning costs out to the various business units – finance, commercial operations, football and medical – was almost impossible.

Solution: A Standard Ricoh platform 

It was with the end-of-lease of two multi-function devices (MFDs) at the Club that it looked to Ricoh for a solution that would address every one of its issues while providing a platform for even further innovation in printing and print management.

Control over, and full visibility of print quantities across the organisation is proving to be of enormous value to the Club. Achieved by means of the Ricoh solution’s Equitrac component, this control and visibility has established a more accountable attitude towards printing.  Security and an ability to store-and-release prints, though, are the major efficiency factors with Ricoh’s customisation and implementation of Equitrac. Instead of documents sitting uncollected in document output trays, Fremantle’s printing model has the all-important security measure of documents only being printed when they are physically ‘released’ at the point of printing.

This model of printing – Follow-You Printing – extends nationwide for the Club, and for coaching staff travelling from Perth to Melbourne, documents can be sent to the print queue in the Perth offices and released at the Club’s Melbourne office when the team arrives for a game.

With the introduction of a single-vendor print environment and the elimination of a multi-vendor service and support issues, the Club now has near 100 per cent printer fleet uptime.


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