FC Productions


“The Pro C901 is really head and shoulders over other printers – digital and offset.” – Francis Chuah, owner and director, FC Productions.

The Customer: FC Productions

Sydney-based FC Productions is a small printer with deep graphic roots, specialising in short-run, high quality print and book production.

Challenge: Growing success in a changing market

To become more competitive in the increasingly competitive print-for-pay industry, FC Productions required a digital print model to move away from their 100 per cent offset business, and chose the Ricoh Pro C901 as their centrepiece.

Solution: savings in time, cost, waste and complexity

The Solution

The Benefits


A Ricoh Pro C901 device. Offering near offset quality, ease-of-use and a host of finishing options, it delivers a constant 90 ppm in full colour, consistent image quality with advanced image stabilisation, single direction development, mechanical paper registration, automatic calibration adjustments and more.

  • Faster turnaround times
  • Quick set-up time
  • Reduction in hours and resources required
  • Backed by Ricoh Production’s one-hour response times for service calls
  • Simplified workflow 

The transition from an offset to a digital environment has provided the print-for-pay business with significant savings in cost, waste, time and complexity.

Where FC Productions was previously having to operate up to 16 hours a day to meet demand, they have been able to cut down to a five-day work week, closing by 5.30pm each day. Setting up and initiating new print runs now take a matter of minutes, a single benefit that represents several hours in time and labour over the course of a day. The faster turnaround on printing jobs has offered a major competitive advantage to the printer.

Perhaps the most important benefit is that the company has been able to hold its prices essentially unchanged for the past three years, despite significant increases in the costs of paper and labour. Also, despite moving away from offset, the Ricoh Pro C901 is supporting an overall improvement in print quality. All of these factors have contributed to an increased strength of reputation, as well as profitability, for FC Productions.

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