Designing your own personalised images is so simple with DirectSmile. This easy-to-use software means you can create a completely new personalised image and font in just five minutes. You can even use the step-by-step option and work your way up to sophisticated font designs. Image personalisation means you’ll be adding more value to your direct marketing and help to boost sales and profit by connecting directly with your customers.

Key features

PDF preview at any time
Create a PDF for preview at any time with the original data and all personalised elements, such as a document for customer approval or discussing with the creative team.

Automatic length escalating functions
Able to handle the longest names in your database, no matter how long a name in your database is, the software automatically adapts it to the right size – in the most realistic way.

Use all characters
Write with all letters from every language that is supported by Microsoft, such as Chinese and Japanese, and use any special character you might need.

Introducing layers for font designs
Use different layers to build your fonts from as many separate elements as you like. You can even integrate various different fonts for personalising an image.

Add DirectSmile to PrintShop Mail
DirectSmile can easily connect to the intuitive VDP tool, PrintShop Mail. Using PrintShop Mail you can personalise promotional communication by changing text, graphics, barcodes, or entire layouts based on information found in your existing database, you can even use personalised images created in DirectSmile.

For more information on DirectSmile, download the brochure here or contact one of our software solutions specialists on 1800 646 679.

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