Non-stop productivity with the Ricoh Pro C751


Customer: Centreprint

Based in Adelaide, Centreprint is a commercial printer with a long history going back thirty years. When owner, Vern Richter, first purchased the business a decade ago it only comprised 50 square metres. Several acquisitions later, the business now takes up 400 square metres with a mix of both offset and digital print capabilities. Centreprint employs six people who output everything from business stationery, advertising and publicity to books and posters. Vern and his team provide a level of expertise that sets them apart from other printing industry contemporaries.

Challenge: Replacing lost time and money

As Centreprint is owned and run by Vern and his wife, the business is close to their hearts as well as their wallet. Therefore it’s important that the business is run as tightly and efficiently as possible. One of their incumbent digital devices was holding the business back, as it was often down for maintenance and was proving unreliable. Vern was looking for a replacement colour digital device that would solve issues they were facing with their incumbent model.

The Solution

The Benefits

Ricoh Pro C751

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Extended capabilities for media handling (ability to print on heavily textured stock is a key differentiator)


Solution: Non-stop productivity with the Ricoh Pro C751

Several devices were shortlisted based on quality and serviceability, but the final decision was made to purchase the Ricoh Pro C751. As well as being impressed by the quality of its output, it was the ability to print on heavily textured media that differentiated it from the competition. Ricoh’s two-hour response service delivery sealed the deal.

Since installing the Ricoh Pro C751, Centreprint has increased its incoming workload due to the device’s high-level productivity. In the first twelve months since installation it has clicked over 1 million impressions, with its longest downtime being just under four hours only once in that period.

Result: An investment that’s paid for itself

The Ricoh Pro C751’s heavy-duty cycle of 350K impressions a month, rated speeds of 75 A4 colour pages per minute on stocks up to 300 gsm has introduced new efficiencies into the print room.  The wide variety of media handling has allowed better use of resources in the print room. What used to take half a day is now down to nearly half an hour. As a result of the improved capability, quality and speed, Centreprint is enjoying a 30 per cent improvement in efficiency. 

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