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“The Pro C901s is adding value to jobs and giving us a whole new market in quick turnaround and short run jobs.” – Peter Wright, Director  of CCP

The Customer:  Central Commercial Printers

Since 1974 Central Commercial Printers (CCP) has grown to be one of the largest printers in the Bathurst, New South Wales region. The business employs 13 people and has built a large, loyal client base on the back of its reputation for outstanding service and excellent print quality.

Challenge: Growing success in a changing market

With a labour-intensive, almost exclusively offset printing setup, short runs and quick turnarounds were a challenge for CCP. This led the company to seek a new solution – one that could support long and short print runs quickly, economically and without compromising quality. Another important deciding factor was the vendor’s ability to provide excellent support to CCP’s regional location.

Solution: A digital production powerhouse

CCP required a high performance production printer that would complement the company’s existing offset printers. Peter Wright, Director  of CCP, chose the Ricoh Pro C901s as “…it had no issues with paper stretch or skew, and had print production features well beyond those of competing machines.”

The Solution

The Benefits


Ricoh Pro C901s  with inline collating, trimming, folding, stitching and a built-in high-speed scanner: a complete, modular high-quality production printer providing customers with everything from business cards to finished full-colour booklets in runs of all sizes.

  • Cost benefit of 16% less for A4 printing and 39% less for A3 compared to nearest competitor
  • Ability to accept short-run jobs to complement off-set capabilities
  • Faster turn-around of print jobs in a third of the time, offering increased customer satisfaction
  • The facility to scan a 300-page hard copy in a couple of minutes, making it ready either for printing or for the customer to take away in electronic format
  • Ricoh Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) allow operators to replace parts of the printer without needing a service technician on site.
  • Near-offset quality
  • Full service and support provided by Ricoh business partner to regional location.

Fast job turnarounds and the ability to complete short runs economically are among the biggest benefits CCP is realising with the Ricoh Pro C901s. The company is now taking on print jobs that previously had to be declined and, as a direct result levels of customer satisfaction are on a definite rise.

With additional work coming in, another vital benefit for CCP is that the Ricoh Pro C901s is reliable, quick and easy to maintain, and fully supported by both CCP’s local Ricoh business partner and Ricoh. These factors all combine to ensure uptime of the printer is maximised.

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