Improve customer service with document management

The Customer: Finance Express Home Loans

Located near the border of Victoria and New South Wales, Albury-based Finance Express Home Loans is a locally owned business that has gained a strong reputation for high levels of client service in a competitive market.

The Challenge: A paperwork nightmare

The world of finance is, by its very nature, one of a seemingly endless tream of paper. Contracts, building permits, plans, general correspondence - they're just a handful of the myriad of documents that are accumulated daily by Finance Express.

For Marg Bevis, the company's administration manager, maintaining a paper-based file system had reached almost nightmarish proportions. It was taking up to half an hour to locate a client file. Add to that the time required for collating incoming documents, inserting them into the correct file, distributing them to brokers then refiling; it was easily becoming the most labour intensive adminstration task within Finance Express.

Solution: A Ricoh Laserfiche solution

"Our Ricoh Business Partner had already had discussions with one of the owners about our document management problems," Marg says, "and when he came in and talked to me about what could be done with a Ricoh MFD (multifunction device) and Laserfiche solution, the benefits were immediately obvious."

A solution for the past

Finance Express offices and off-site storage were previously almost overflowing with filing cabinets and archive boxes. With the Ricoh MFD and Laserfiche solution, archived files, which can easily have anything up to 300 pages, are now being scanned on the Ricoh MFD and stored in Laserfiche within a matter of minutes.

A solution for the present

With the Ricoh solution resulting in much improved speed of file location, distribution and access, Finance Express is gaining more of one of business' most critical commodities - time. Where it may have taken anything up to half-an-hour to locate a client file stored off-site and have it delivered to the partner, it's now close enough to being considered immediate.

A document required by a bank, for example, can now be faxed to the bank, emailed to one or both of the partners, and automatically stored to Laserfiche with nothing more than a few pressed buttons on the Ricoh MFD.

A solution for the future

"As the business grows - and this is definitely occurring - improved efficiencies are crucial; and the Ricoh solution and partnership with the Ricoh Business Partner is enabling us to capitalise on that growth without the burden of having to emply additional personnel or purchase and implement additional support systems."

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