Brisbane State High


The Customer: Brisbane State High

As the oldest state high school in the area, Brisbane State High School has a long history of outstanding academic success and aspires to provide public school education of a world-class standard. With approximately 2,200 students and 200 staff members, it’s partnership with Ricoh is delivering additional background support.

Challenge: Managing expenses and improving functionality

When it came time to review the School’s contract for supply and support of a document print, scan and copy solution, Brisbane State High School wanted to move forward with a solution that would offer comprehensive and accurate usage and costs reports, as well as added functionality for staff.

The Solution

The Benefits


Five Ricoh multifunction devices (MFDs)

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved functionality
  • Ability to integrate with document management system

Equitrac with Follow-You printing
  • Detailed and accurate cost/usage tracking
  • Compliance with departmental IT guidelines
  • Flexible document production workflows
  • Ability to release server-held print jobs at any networked MFD

Solution: A compliant solution that saves

Core to the solution’s success at a financial level is the cost tracking, reporting and allocation capabilities afforded to the school by Ricoh’s implementation of Equitrac software. Using the Equitrac data, cost breakdowns are now provided to department heads on a monthly basis so they can keep close track of their budgets. Another vital feature of the implementation is that it has ensured compliance with the Queensland Department of Education’s Managed Operating Environment (MOE) guidelines.

As a result of the Ricoh solution, the School is able to accurately track costs, staff are enjoying the functionality and time saved through Equitrac’s Follow-You Printing, and uncollected prints are now a thing of the past. All this adds up to reductions in complexity, cost, waste and CO2.

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