The Bethanie Group


The Customer: The Bethanie Group

The Bethanie Group is a not-for-profit organisation providing residential and in-home aged care services in the Geraldton to Bunbury area of Western Australia. Across the Group’s 27 sites, around 1,300 personnel deliver crucial healthcare and community services, relying on the cost and workflow efficiencies delivered through a comprehensive Ricoh document management solution.

Challenge: Management and functionality

Prior to partnering with Ricoh, each of the Bethanie Group’s sites used stand-alone devices from a range of vendors, resulting in an overly complex print environment. They required a remedy to deal with issues including multiple contacts for support and consumables purchasing and the inability to track costs or reduce wastage. They were also looking to improve their document scanning capabilities to alleviate their over-reliance on faxes and hard copy mail for document distribution.

The Solution

The Benefits


A fleet of Ricoh MFDs

  • A more cost-effective and consolidated fleet
  • Enabled removal of stand-alone devices
  • Improved device reliability and uptime

An integrated Ricoh document management solution including Follow-You Printing
  • Detailed cost tracking down to the individual user
  • Enhanced workflows and streamlined print management
  • Comprehensive document scanning functionality direct from the control panel of every MFD
  • Reduced overheads and wastage
  • Enhanced document and print security

Solution: Reduced costs, improved functionality

An immediate benefit of the Ricoh solution for Bethanie Group has been an overall reduction in document-related spending, with savings resulting from device consolidation, lower charges, paper savings and reduced IT management overheads. They have also reduced print wastage, improved workflows and print security.

Staff members now enter their PIN when they print, automatically recording all relevant print job data, including who initiated the job and its cost. Documents are scanned directly from the MFD, saving time and simplifying the transfer of information between locations, where previously documents had to be faxed or sent as hard copy mail.

In the first year of introducing Follow-You Printing, 13,900 print jobs were purged from the system, saving $8,000 in associated costs. As well as saving money for the business, Follow-You Printing also maintains security when printing medical records and other confidential documents, therefore enabling the removal of stand-alone devices that were previously used for this purpose.

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