Efficient and compliant document management workflow


The Customer: City of Armadale 

Located half-an-hour's drive south of Perth, the City of Armadale is one of Western Australia's fastest growing regional centres. To keep up with the expected dramatic increase in demand for local services, they required a comprehensive document workflow solution. 

Challenge: End-to-end document management

Following a comprehensive audit of its document and print environment, the Council identified a number of key issues, including: 

  • a multifunction device fleet that provided staff with only basic print and copy functionality,
  • hard copy issues
  • inadequate fleet support and service,
  • a lack of document security, and
  • cost overruns in consumables.


The Solution

The Benefits


32 Ricoh multifunction devices 

  • Increased functionality
  • Integration with document workflow solutions

Ricoh ESA TransFormer to support scanning, converstion and distribution workflow
  • Bypass the need for workstation-based OCR software
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Eliminate the need to store hard copy documents
  • Streamline document processing

Equitrac Office with Follow-You Printing for fleet management and document security
  • Improved security and efficiency
  • Print auditing, automatic logging and allocation of print jobs

After evaluating various options proposed by State Government approved vendors, the Council opted to partner with Ricoh for the implementation of a comprehensive document workflow solution. Consisting of 32 Ricoh multifunction devices (MFDs), Equitrac Office for fleet management and document security, and Ricoh’s ESA* TransFormer to support a document scanning, conversion and distribution workflow, the solution was recognised by the Council as being the best of all proposed options.

Efficient and compliant document management workflow

The implementation of ESA TransFormer has allowed all the document scanning, optical character recognition (OCR) and file conversion done at the one point – the MFD –streamlining the process for all Council personnel.

Now, incoming documents that would otherwise be stored in hardcopy form, are converted to PDF (Portable Document Format) at on the Ricoh MFDs, scanned and emailed to the user’s inbox in a single straightforward workflow. From that point, the user simply transfers the documents – which have also been fully text indexed by means of the solution’s in-built OCR engine – to the Council’s TRIM document storage and retrieval system.
Importantly for the Council, the Ricoh solution ensures compliance with record keeping standards and requirements stipulated by the State Records Commission of Western Australia.

Eliminating “print and sprint”

With print document security being a fundamental requirement for many Council employees, Ricoh’s implementation of a Follow-You Printing solution has been a major boon to both security and efficiency. Council’s Manager of Governance and Administration, Mark Dawson explains: “Instead of documents printing immediately once the print button has been pressed, the file sits securely on a central server until such time as the user releases it to print by swiping an ID card at any one of the MFDs. For those people who print security sensitive documents, it means an elimination of the ‘print and sprint’, to ensure the documents aren’t misplaced once printed.”

Cost savings and management

At the overall cost management level, the Council’s Ricoh document management environment is also delivering on the needs for accurate cost allocation, tracking and reporting. This is being achieved by the automatic logging of each print job, with the appropriate details – user, department, job details and costs – immediately available via a console-type application.

Of particular note is the reduction in consumption costs with the Ricoh solution. “On a per page basis, we’re seeing a reduction of approximately 50 per cent,” Mark says. “And in a business with almost 400 personnel, that reduction is delivering significant savings.”

“As a single vendor solution, the Ricoh MFDs and colour production device, in conjunction with the integrated workflow and management software, have given us a comprehensive and highly efficient document management solution.” Mark states.


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